HPI - Pool Installed due to Threats

Essex, Missouri 0 comments
Not resolved

I went through the process of signing a purchase contract thinking it was just to see if I was qualified to have a pool installed.I was told the purchase price was 13000.00.

Then I get a call saying that I was upgraded to a 27ft pool, with a free vacation, and a few extra's that somehow took my price over 20,000.00. It took me 3 different appointments to finally get someone to my house to install the pool, and when they did it was a 24' pool. I was told after 2 no shows that I could not cancel the installation or the legal department would take action so I had no choice but to allow the installation. Now I'm getting calls from this company at work from their finance department HPI, which the number is saying it has been disconnected.

They said I need to contact them by 8:00 the same night. Its getting to be a big hassle.

I should have been able to cancel within 3 days and due to their breach of contract.

Am I being scammed too??

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